The 411 on 575

Freedom New Mexico

The Public Regulatory Commission last year approved adding a new area code to meet an increasing demand for telephone numbers. Clovis, De Baca, Quay and Roosevelt counties were assigned to the new 575 area code.

A look at the implementation of the program

• Today — The 575 area code becomes active. During the next 12 months, callers can use the old 505 area code or the new 575 area code when calling locations in New Mexico.

• Oct. 5, 2008 — Recorded announcement and mandatory dialing period: All calls into areas of the new area code must be dialed using 575.

• Jan. 11, 2009 — Full implementation: After this date, telephone companies will be able to assign the same seven-digit telephone numbers in both New Mexico area codes.

• Calls that were local before the new area code will remain local calls.

• 911 will not be affected. Emergency calls will be handled as they are today.

• 411 service will not be affected. Directory assistance calls will be handled as they are today. And, there is no change in the cost of a directory assistance call.

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