Floyd School Menu

Floyd Schools Menu for the week of Oct. 22-25

Monday: Quesadilla, bacon, cereal, juice, milk.
Tuesday: Breakfast burrito, cereal, juice, milk.
Wednesday: Scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, juice, milk.
Thursday: Blueberry muffin, cereal, juice, milk.

Monday: Frito pie, salad, cake, milk (Salad bar MS/HS).
Tuesday: Beef stew, grilled cheese sandwich, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).
Wednesday: Chicken/brocolli alfredo, salad, garlic bread, cherry cobbler, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).
Thursday: Hamburger, lettuce/tomato/pickle, fries, apricots, milk, (Salad bar MS/HS).