It’s their job: Phoebe Gomez

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

Name: Phoebe Gomez

Job: Administrative Assistant at Steiner Elementary School

Time on the job: Since 1997

Background: After graduating from high school, Gomez was the assistant manger at the Sprouse Ritz store and then worked as a case worker for the New Mexico Income Support Division before moving to her current occupation.

Q. Describe what your job entails?
A. Answering phones, greeting parents and students, taking care of any needs the teachers may have, scanning lunches, collecting lunch money, enrolling new students, administering any medications to students when the nurse is not available and helping the students if they are sick or injured.

Q. What is a typical day on the job like for you?
A. It’s definitely never the same. One day I may enroll two students and another I may have to determine how to best handle a student if they are hurt. The office is the first place they come to.

Q. Why did you choose this job?
A. Definitely for my children. I was working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and only had two weeks off a year at my other job. I wanted to be able to have summers and school breaks off. It’s definitely a choice I made for my children.

Q. What type of training do you need for your job?
A. I came with 13 years of prior managerial and clerical work experience from my other jobs.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
A. The kids, that’s what keeps me going are those little guys and girls. It’s something different everyday.

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