10-28 PHJS News

Parent meetings planned
This week parents and teachers will be meeting to devise a success plan for students who had a low grade on their report cards the first quarter. Counselor Alan Dodd and Assistant Principal Glenda Meeks are facilitating these meetings.

Basketball tryouts continue
The eighth grade boys basketball coaches are hosting tryouts for the 2007-2008 team Monday and Tuesday in the new gym. Students must have all paperwork on file of with them before they can get on the court. If students played football, they have all the paperwork. Both girls teams and the seventh grade boys team are scheduled for practices this week.

Conference day considered success
Principal Steve Harris says he appreciates the parents who came to visit with teachers about their children’s progress in school. Sixty-five percent of the parents came to school last Monday.

Computer use encouraged
Assistant Principal Glenda Meeks encourages parents to use the student laptop computers to check student grades and attendance. Meeks reminds parents to monitor students’ Internet use by checking the “history” record on the Internet toolbar.
A couple of computers have been broken by rough treatment. Meeks reminds students not to lean on the backpacks when they sit down and not to toss the computer backpacks. If students want to decorate their backpacks for quick identification, they must do so with temporary things such as ribbons or pin-on buttons.

Evacuation drill performed
All students and faculty practiced an emergency evacuation Friday morning. Classes follow various designated routes to the softball field in the city park where teachers took roll, and the principal noted all present. This evacuation would be followed in the event of an earthquake, loss of power, gas leak, chemical spill or other perceived need.