Church hosts program honoring veterans

By Casey Peacock: PNT Staff Writer

“Honoring God, Country and Veterans” was the focus of an early Veterans Day program on Saturday morning that was hosted by Southside Church of Christ. For the sixth year, the program paid tribute to those who have served in the military.

Guest speaker for the morning was David McVey, minister of Central Christian Church, who also served in the Marine Corp in 1974-1975.

“I’m always very pleased to encourage people and be a part of honoring our veterans and excelling our country,” McVey said of his participation in the program. “I believe it’s extremely important to honor veterans who serve our country.”

Throughout his speech McVey conveyed the importance of honoring those that have made the greatest sacrifices for our country’s freedoms and for those that today continue following in the footsteps of their predecessors.

“Our soldiers have fought and died for our faith and country,” McVey said.

During his speech, McVey imparted his belief that God has been woven into the fabric of America. He stressed the importance of keeping the faith and praying.

“The greatest thing we can learn as Americans is to bow our heads and bend our knees,” McVey said.

Intermingled in the program were a video tribute to soldiers by Ray Boltz, and prayers for the nation, soldiers and schools.

“I stand before you honored to give praise and thanks to not only veterans but you. You are what makes America tick. It’s like no other service you can give. It’s an honorable service,” Judge Fred Arnold said before going into a prayer.

Lemon Dotson, master of ceremonies, spoke of the importance of teaching today’s youth about patriotism. He also spoke of how important it is for today’s youth to be taught to honor their country and to learn the true history of our country, he said.

“Look at the young people today,” Dotson said. “They are our future soldiers and our future leaders.”