Press malfunction delays deliveries, limits color

Ray Sullivan: Publisher

To our readers:

Early this morning , major press problems occurred just as the night crew was printing today’s Portales and Clovis papers. It was soon followed by another mechanical problem, so we printed the papers in black and white for today.

We apologize to our customers whose papers were delivered late, and to our advertisers who were expecting color on their ads. It could not be avoided.

Replacement parts will be ordered today and repairs will be made as soon as possible.

In the interim, our press crews are reconfiguring the press units to restore some color capacity.

As well, the electronic editions of the Portales News-Tribune and Clovis News Journal are being made available online for all readers to see. Look at the “Links” box within this article and you can click on the images to see the paper as it would have been printed in color.

Ray Sullivan