Business to offer variety of repair services, sell boats

By Casey Peacock

Jump River Repair will provide a variety of services when it officially opens next month.

Housed at 100 S. Chicago, the business will offer equipment repairs, welding and fabrication, and sell boats, construction equipment and parts, according to owner Eddie Hiner.

Hiner will be joined by son-in-law Jon Nagel, who is relocating from Wisconsin to Portales.

“We’ve been working on it about a month, getting it ready (to open),” Hiner said.

Hiner said he’s already done some repairs and sold a few boats, he said.

Nagel will be available to repair motorcycles, skid loaders, lawn mowers, chain saws, jet skis and forklifts. He also has the ability to do stainless steel and aluminum welding and fabrication, Hiner said.

Plans are in the works for Jump River Repair to also be a parts dealer, Hiner said.

“We’re going to carry a pretty complete inventory of parts,” Hiner said.

Equipment sales will include lawn mowers, chain saws and skid loaders, Hiner said.

“We put a lot of time and effort and money into this thing,” Hiner said.

Hiner has owned the property for a while. Before deciding to open the repair shop, Hiner contemplated putting in either a smoke shop, coffee shop or sandwich shop, he said.

“This is kind of what it evolved into,” Hiner said.

Hiner said he and Nagel are ready for the shop to be open.

“He’s very anxious. He’s (Nagel) ready to get started. I’m anxious to get my stuff in here,” Hiner said.