Commissioners hold Adobe Estates hearing

By Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor

Residents aired drainage and traffic concerns about a proposed subdivision east of Portales at Tuesday’s Roosevelt County Commission meeting.

Commissioners convened a public hearing on the 58-lot Adobe Estates subdivision proposed by Alva Carter to be located one mile east of Portales city limits. Engineer Chad Lydick explained the proposal for the developer and answered questions from commissioners, county staff and residents.

County road supervisor John Bohm said his biggest concern is drainage.

“So many of the county subdivisions didn’t address drainage when they were put in and some of them we have big problems with,” he said.

Lydick said because the lots would be a minimum of an acre each, much of the drainage problems would be addressed at the lot level with landscaping to prevent runoff. He also noted that a retention pond will be constructed on the south end of the subdivision to account for flooding.

Area resident Max Fraze wanted to know who would be responsible for maintaining the drainage system.

Lydick said after the developer’s warranty period on the roads expires, the county would likely have that responsibility. County Attorney Randy Knudson disagreed, saying he thought responsibility might ultimately come back to the lot owner.

Another neighbor, Danny Justus, wanted to know where the water would run if the retention pond overflows. Lydick and Carter said that water would continue to be channeled across Carter’s property to the east to N.M. 88.

Justus also expressed concerns that there could be conflicts with his cattle operations to the east of the proposed subdivision.

County officials said Justus would have legal remedy for dogs or children trespassing. Carter also indicated that some type of fence is likely as construction progresses.

Suzie Davis expressed concern about the rural character of her adjacent property and whether Roosevelt Road P, where the subdivision access points would be, was wide enough.

“I have great concerns for that road now,” Davis said. “Will that road be able to withstand it with the width of it? It’s hard now when you meet a stock trailer on it.”

Lydick said the build-out of the subdivision would likely be slow and anticipated it could even take 10 years. He reasoned that would give the county plenty of time to react with changes to the road as they are needed.

In other business commissioners:

• Appointed three community members to assess the feasibility of closing a half-mile section of Roosevelt Road 24, approximately two miles east of Causey, which dead-ends on private property. Commissioners approved Michael Massey, Mike Clark and Lavern Coffman to the committee and Cindy Harth as an alternate.

• Passed a resolution supporting the formation of a loss prevention committee being formed by county employees. The committee will recommend action to improve safety on the job for county employees.

• Approved the list of proposed capital outlay projects to be presented to area legislators. That list includes funding for: County roads, fairground improvements, courthouse renovation, road equipment, Department of Health Building funds, sheriff’s office equipment.

• Changed meeting dates to only have one meeting next month, on Dec. 18.