11-25 Library Books

The following books are available in the Portales Public Library:

The Watkins Dictionary of Dream
By Mario Reading
Thousands of in-depth entries explore and explain the stuff of dreams in this book by Mario Reading. What does it mean if you dream of a white elephant? Of flying, dolls, or dentists? This book offers a detailed map drawing on sources from popular culture to ancient myth to help you explore the secrets of your sleep. Interpreting your dreams can be illuminating, but should also be entertaining and this book provides all the resources you need.

Mommy Rescue Guide: Getting Your Baby to Sleep
By Cynthia MacGregor
All new mothers are tired, but with this book you will learn fail-safe techniques that ensure both you and your baby get enough sleep. This essential guide helps you understand how to establish a sleeping schedule, how your baby’s place in your bed differs from sleeping in a crib, how breastfeeding affects sleep patterns and much more. This mommy rescue guide offers practical tips and easy-to-follow advice that will save you both from another restless night.

Simply Handwriting Analysis
By Eve Bingham
What can you learn from someone’s handwriting? Want to know if a person is afraid to get involved in a relationship or if they pay attention to detail? Just look at the marks on a page. This simple book shows you how to interpret handwriting samples to learn more about anyone’s personality or life. Look for meaning in the slant of the characters, size of the script and more. Sometimes words do speak louder than actions, and soon you will be able to analyze them to find out how.