School board OKs sale of bonds

PNT Staff Report

Plans for a new elementary school in Portales, approved by voters in October, are on track according to school administration officials.

School board members met on Monday in a special meeting to give their approval for notice of the sale of $4.5 million in bonds. The sale is scheduled to take place Dec. 18 and proceeds should be available by mid-January, according to Portales Municipal Schools Superintendent Randy Fowler.

“We’re continuing to work on planning for our new school,” Fowler said. “Our building committee has been meeting since the election.”

Fowler said those meetings have occurred about every other week with architects present. Feedback from a variety of sources, including teachers, maintenance personnel, custodians, transportation people and city officials has been collected at those meetings.

Fowler said a link from the school district’s Web site — — to architect Greer Stafford’s Web site allows the community to see the plans for the school in progress.

Fowler said they can see drawings, read meeting notes and send comments.

In addition to encouraging feedback online, Fowler said the community is welcome to attend the building committee meetings as well.

The next one is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Dec. 5 at the school boardroom.

Administration and board members also congratulated the Lady Ram volleyball team, which recently won a state volleyball title.

“We try to impress on these girls that the little kids look at everything they do,” Coach Ruth Chavez said. “We found that out after we got back and paraded all the halls of the schools in Portales.”

Chavez added that fan support was great at the tournament. She said they especially were happy to see Fowler in the stands himself during their games.

“What we really are proud of is the way you represent Portales and the way you represent this community,” Fowler told the team. “You are ambassadors for this community.”