12-2 Letter to the Editor

I have been traveling on U.S. 70 through Portales since 1999. I continue to enjoy the welcoming sign, particularly the “12,000 friendly people, except for 3 or 4 old grouches.”

I’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with some of the staff at the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home. And more recently, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with three more of your 12,000 friendly people.

On Nov. 3, I was bringing my 90-year-old mother from her home in Olton, Texas, to my home in Alamogordo.

We ate lunch in Portales and were a few miles south of town when we had car trouble. It was serious enough to have the car towed back into Portales.

We could not have asked for a nicer couple, Jimmy and Debbie Welch, to help us. They certainly went the extra mile by:

• taking us to a motel within walking distance of several restaurants;

• helping us get our personal items from the car to the motel room;

• taking frozen food home to their home freezer,

• and trying to contact local mechanics to look at the car that day.

Last, but not least, they gave us their home phone numbers in case we needed more assistance. They also met and assisted us that night when my husband arrived to pick us up.

And they contacted Wyvonne Chandler who works for the dealership where the car was towed and subsequently repaired.

Wyvonne was kind enough to also meet us at the motel, arriving as soon as we did, and then she followed the car to the dealership, where she did a preliminary assessment of the damage.

I am truly grateful for their help and kind consideration.

Johnnie Boverie