County may be missing funds

By Sharna Johnson and Gabriel Monte: CNJ STAFF WRITERS

Curry County officials are reviewing financial records and have notified state police they may be missing funds.

State Police Sgt. E.J. Fouratt said the agency is waiting for county officials to complete their review before beginning an investigation.

“We’ve looked at a couple of things, but there’s no official investigation going on right now,” Fouratt said. “Right now we just don’t know if there’s a crime (that’s) been committed.”

County Attorney Stephen Doerr said no officials are being investigated, and no evidence has been turned over to police.

Curry County Manager Lance Pyle said the review is focused on money the county made from the county fair. The county made about $88,000 in ticket sales and $62,436 from carnival ride tickets, Fairgrounds Manager Justus Anderson said in August.

Neither Pyle nor County Commission Chairman Albin Smith would say how much money has not been accounted for.

Smith said the county approached state police last month after the commission became aware that funds could be missing.
He said police were asked as a third party to help account for the money.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said his office was approached by county officials who wanted an outside agency to investigate. He facilitated contact with state police, he said.

“County officials have requested an outside agency to review records and accounting information to determine if there are any missing funds,” Chandler said.