Dec. 30, 2007 Library Books

The following books are available at the Portales Public Library:
The Elite Forces Manual of Mental & Physical Endurance
By Alexander Stillwell
This book uses techniques developed by special forces units to train their recruits. The author has used these techniques to create a manual aimed to help you attain the peak of mental and physical fitness using simple steps and procedures. This manual includes more than 120 photographs and artwork illustrating the training regimes used by special forces soldiers around the world.

Killer Elite: the Inside Story of America’s Most Secret Special Operations Team
By Michael Smith
Referred to as “The Activity” by insiders, the elite Special Operations has achieved near-mythical status. Journalist, Michael Smith gets inside this clandestine military team to expose their explosive history and secrets. The Activity’s story begins with the abortive attempt to rescue the American hostages from Iran in 1980. The failed operation became the launching point for the set up of “Intelligence Support Activity,” a cover name for a secret army surveillance team that could operate undercover anywhere in the world. Michael Smith has spoken to many former members of the Activity, and we follow them on operations from the war on drug barons to assassinating key al Qaeda members and capturing Saddam Hussein. Killer Elite reveals the incredible truth behind the world’s most secret Special Operations organization, a unit that is at the forefront of the War on Terror.

A Bloody Business: America’s War Zone Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq
By Colonel Gerald Schumacher
As the U.S. military shrinks, a private army is stepping into the breach. Some refer to them as mercenaries or soldiers of fortune. They call themselves contractors. They drive trucks, train soldiers and policemen and protect supply convoys and U.S. diplomats. This book takes a look into the lives of the men and women who work in the most dangerous places on earth and unlike our military personnel, these contractors have few regulations or laws limiting their conduct or their business. The author, a retired colonel in the United States Army Special Forces, offers an unprecedented look behind the scenes and into the ranks of civilian contractors in Iraq, who are the equivalent of the hired guns of the Old West. Schumacher has written an unblinking account of the life-and-death reality of war zone contracting.