1-6-08 Letters to the Editor

Acceptance, care would help city grow
As a new year begins, many of us begin to think of new possibilities. I have been pondering a “What if…” that I would like to share.

What If Portales took a daring stance and declared itself a sanctuary city for immigrants?
And what if those immigrants were invited to participate in our community as productive citizens?

What if we began to look at our bilingual education program as a “gifted” dual language program for anyone who wishes to participate rather than as a remedial program?

And what if those businesses and industries that profit from the immigrant workforce were to donate a portion of those profits to a scholarship to attend Eastern New Mexico University for any Portales High graduate who has no other means?

What if we encouraged new business development among our new citizens? Might this not result in a larger tax base? Might this help our schools and university to grow? Might our citizens from all races grow up with a loyalty to our town and wish to join our local police force, fire department, medical services, teaching force, or start a business of their own?

If we were to choose the true Christian principles of acceptance and care as opposed to the more common principles of rejection and fear, where might Portales be in 20 years?
Just dreamin’….

Geni Flores

Iowa caucus showed welcome change
Last week, the strange yet compelling American political system made history.

In the first and usually quite important round of presidential selection processes in Iowa we chose an African-American, a famous ex-first lady and a populist lawyer.

And a very smooth talking ex-preacher and a RICH ex-governor.
A welcome development.

It would not have happened, probably, without the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush, nor within a system that was not reasonably democratic, as most of us claim to desire.
That’s the good part.

The bad part is that as a nation we are now focused on which person will win instead of why which person should win.

Until we somehow institutionalize the why before the who, democracy will be forever troubled.

Kirby Rowan