2-10-08 Library Books

The following books are available at the Portales Public Library:

Alexander the Great by Paul Cartledge. This book has been hailed as the most accessible introduction to its subject in print. Alexander the Great is a towering hero of the classical world: a fearless general, the conqueror of the Persians, and the visionary ruler of a vast empire.

Paul Cartledge, one of the world’s foremost scholars of ancient Greece, gives the most reliable and intimate portrait of this powerful, historical figure. The author brilliantly evokes Alexander’s remarkable political and military accomplishments, cutting through the myths to show why he was such a great leader. He brings Alexander vividly to life and captures his enduring impact on world history and culture. Cartledge has an easy, vivid writing style and a cool mastery of facts and theories. His prose is clever and the research is thorough and commendable. He provides an excellent analysis of Alexander’s character in an entertaining and engaging manner.

New Mexico’s Crypto-Jews: Image and Memory photographs by Cary Herz. Herz is an award-winning professional photographer and a New Mexico correspondent for the New York Times. She has spent 20 years searching for “the other people,” descendants of crypto-Jews, the Sephardic Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions centuries ago. Many of these converts openly professed Catholicism, but continued to practice the Jewish faith privately.

Her photographs and the accompanying essays honor the people whose ancestors, through families’ oral histories and genealogical records, knew about their heritage. To complete her exploration, Herz sought out symbols — gravesites, artifacts, and icons — that might point toward the presence of the descendants of crypto-Jews who came to the New World. Recently, DNA tests have revealed the Jewish heritage of a number of Hispanic New Mexicans, creating a renewed interest in this little known part of New Mexico’s history and heritage.

Elida: To the Best of Our Recollection by the Elida Book Committee. This is a work put together through hard work, determination and love for a community. It is a look back over 100 years of history through the eyes of those who have experienced Elida, and it is an attempt to put together the many personal recollections of their lives in building up this small, but hearty community and its enduring people. This volume is the joint effort of many families and is meant as a foundation to be available for people 100 years from now to see Elida residents as they were and will be.

It gives an historical overview of Elida, providing many photographs of the local buildings and events. There are histories provided for the individual buildings, groups and organizations, businesses, projects and schools. This book is a wonderful resource for genealogists and provides family information and histories. It is thorough and well organized and a wonderful presentation of a wonderful community.