More than $2 million in capital outlay OK’d

By Helena Rodriguez, Freedom Newspapers

If at first your bill gets vetoed, resubmit. And then, it just may get signed.

This was the case with Eastern New Mexico University which was allocated more than half a million dollars from the New Mexico Legislature on Wednesday for the Portales campus alone. ENMU President Steven Gamble was extremely happy with the $580,000 in capital outlay funds the Portales campus received for a new weight training facility in Greyhound Arena, for which Eastern was awarded $350,000, and $88,000 for a KENW student training studio in the new Communication building.

“Our whole list was initially vetoed by the governor this session, but it was resubmitted by the Legislature, and this time, the governor signed it,” Gamble said. “I am so happy with the outcome of this session. We got a lot of resources to build a better campus. It was a good session for Eastern New Mexico University.”

The $580,000 was only a chunk of a $2,154,000 total which Roosevelt County received from the state Legislature. The ENMU campus also received funds for biological science equipment, emergency telephone equipment, physical sciences equipment and voice laboratory equipment. In addition, the ENMU-Ruidoso branch received $450,000 in capital outlay funds and the ENMU-Roswell branch received $151,000.

Not surviving the governor’s veto pen was $75,000 in proposed equipment and furnishing for the Portales Performing Arts Center and $20,00 in equipment for the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Sen. Stuart Ingle, R-Portales, said, “There’s always give and take in the Legislature and the Senate didn’t agree with some of the governor’s projects, like health care. Eastern got some dollars and Elida got some money. Sometimes things get approved and sometimes they get vetoed. We’ll go down the road like that until we meet again and go from there.”

Elida received $35,000 in funds for maintenance vehicles, $60,000 for municipal school district road improvements and $35,000 for street improvements. In addition, the Legislature allotted $100,000 for renovations to the Portales Community Services Center and money for road improvements and $35,000 toward Roosevelt General Hospital’s emergency and trauma center. Other funds were received for fire station construction, affordable housing, Memorial Building construction, and swimming pool maintenance and renovations.

Floyd was allotted $100,000 for the fire department and $49,000 for water treatment facility construction. Causey also received $40,000 for fire department truck bays and Dora received $120,000 for a fire department substation.

In addition, the state Legislature worked on projects that will be included in a General Obligation (GO) bond election in November. Ingle said, “I worked real hard to make sure Eastern was included in $12 million in general obligation bonds for the music building and other projects.”

l Causey Fire Department truck bays, $40,000
l Dora Fire Department substation, $120,000 Dora
l Elida maintenance vehicles, $35,000
l Elida Municipal School District roads improvement, $60,000
l Elida streets improvement, $35,000
l Floyd Fire Department addition, $100,000
l Floyd water treatment facility construction, $49,000
l ENMU biological sciences equipment, $37,000
l ENMU emergency phone equipment, $30,000
l ENMU KENW training studio, $88,000
l ENMU physical sciences equipment purchase, $25,000
l ENMU voice laboratory equipment purchase, $40,000
l ENMU weight training facility, $350,000

l North Abilene Road improvement, $50,000
l Portales affordable housing, $200,000
l Portales community service center renovate, $100,000
l Portales Fire Department main station construction, $90,000
l Portales Memorial Building construction, $25,000
l Portales Memorial Park swimming pools, $45,000
l Portales streets improvement, $50,000
l Roosevelt County roads improvement, $495,000
l Roosevelt County Sheriff office equipment purchase, $55,000
l Roosevelt County special hospital district emergency and trauma center, $35,000

Summary for Roosevelt County. $2,154,000

Source: N.M. Senate Bill 471: