Lost man presumed dead

By Thomas Garcia, PNT Staff Reporter

A former Roosevelt County resident has been presumed dead after a search to locate him in the forests of Oregon failed.

Deward R. Killion was reported missing in August from the Target Meadows Camp Area near Tollgate, Ore. in the Walla Walla forest district. Killion was pronounced dead when no trace of him could be found by search parties, according to family members.

Deward Killion did go missing in the Target Meadows camp area and a search was conducted by the Ultmatilla County sheriffs office, said Mike Rass Bach, Walla Walla District Forest Ranger.

“I was just beginning to work for the Walla Walla Forest district when Mr. Killion went missing,” said Rass Bach.

Killion was camping with his wife Grace Killion and was last seen going to pick huckleberries in a thicket near the campground, said Jo Frazier-Meyer, Killion’s sister.

“His wife Grace was going down to the pay station to pay for another night of camping at 2:30 p.m. and Deward was going to pick some huckleberries,”