America must learn from its mistakes

The evidence to date says al-Qaida was responsible for 9/11 and other
assaults upon innocent people. Casting aside ideology, most Americans
still believe that attacks on innocents are basically evil. From who
does it, to why they do it, most of us believe it is wrong.

But we don’t seem capable of accepting what we see in the mirror. It is always the other evil group that is to blame.

Our modern media are uncovering sad truths and absurdities about
the actual behavior of our elected officials. To an uncomfortable
extent, we are responsible for their deeds and misdeeds. We. You. Me.

In a democracy, this is as it should be based upon shared public information.

Electing George Bush was America’s first huge blunder of the 21st
century. On this Independence Day, let us celebrate the profound fact
that we, among so few, can learn from our mistakes.

That defines national integrity, and our beloved flag.

Kirby Rowan