Twin sisters join PHS graduates

By Helena Rodriguez, PNT Staff Writer

Having graduating twins means double the trouble and expense, but also double the blessing and cause for celebration, according to Kathy Tarango, whose daughters, Bianca and Dalia Tarango, graduate from Portales High School tonight.

The Tarangos are among 159 Portales High School seniors who will receive diplomas during a commencement ceremony at Greyhound Arena.

“It’s been hectic but also very interesting,” said Kathy of her twins. “They are both getting prepared to go to college at Eastern New Mexico University. In fact, we have appointments to see advisors.”

“I still remember taking them to their first day of kindergarten,” Kathy said with a sigh of emotion. “It is going to be a happy time, but also a sad time, realizing they are grown up.”

The Tarango twins are very close. Kathy added, “Where one is, the other is.”

Having two children graduate at the same time has added up for Tarango, and so her sister, Benita Jimenez and her mother, have been ready to lend a helping hand, as well as a few bucks. That meant buying two prom dresses, two Maypole dresses, two sets of caps and gowns and other costs that add up during a senior year in high school.

Kathy said doctors were unsure of whether Bianca and Dalia were identical twins, but to other people they may as well be. Although Bianca has shorter hair than Dalia, people still confuse them.

“People always call me Dalia,” Bianca said, “We just answer to either one.”

“Most people don’t know us apart, but our close friends can tell us apart because they know us by our personalities,” Dalia said.

Bianca and Dalia have the same group of friends and like the same types of music and fashions. They both make A’s and B’s and have both been in the National Honor Society. What’s more, they both plan to major in business and cannot picture their futures without being close by the other.

But Bianca and Dalia say they do have their differences. Bianca is more open and social, while Dalia tends to be reserved. Their grandmother said that growing up, Bianca was a tomboy, climbing trees, while Dalia would be indoors polishing her nails.

The girls — who say they were dressed exactly alike by their mother until sixth grade — said they finally got tired of that and decided to become their own persons.

While Bianca is looking forward to graduating tonight, she said she will miss a few things. “The high school has been like a second home. We’ve been there four years. I loved all of my teachers.”

On the positive side though, Bianca said it will be nice not having to deal with ‘high school drama.” She said, “The teachers tell us we are going on to something better — college, but it is still kind of bittersweet.”

Dalia said, “I’m happy we are graduating, but also sad. It means we have to grow up now. We can’t be kids anymore.”