Probate Judge Candidate: Mitchell “Mickey” Morgan

Name: Mitchell “Mickey” Morgan

Age: 56

Occupation: Semi-retired, working as a consultant at KENW-TV under Duane Ryan

Running for: Probate Judge

Party affiliation: Republican

Elected offices held: None

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Roosevelt County. My family has been in the real estate business here for three generations. I am a 1970 graduate of PHS, served in the United States military, and graduated Eastern New Mexico University in 1979. As the founder of Mickey Bear Enterprises I merged my business with a partner and became the CFO of Pro-Formance Lighting and Sound, a successful corporation. I sold my business and semi-retired. I continue to work with the Roosevelt County Fair board. This year will make the 32nd consecutive year that I have provided sound services for our fair.

Why are you running for probate judge?

When a family loses a loved one, I can help them through one of the most difficult times in their lives. However, I can also perform marriage ceremonies and be a part of a joyous time in one’s life as well.

What is the most important function of the office in your opinion?

I’ll bring compassion and understanding to necessary legal matters that often happen under stressful circumstances.

What traits and experience are necessary for the position and how do your own traits and experience relate?

The probate handbook states “A large part of the probate judge’s job is to make sure the pleadings (paperwork submitted to the court) are complete and accurate under New Mexico law. To do so, probate judges must be familiar with topics such as jurisdiction, venue, domicile, the how-tos of handling pleadings, and other legal issues.”

I understand the administrative process. Attention to detail is critical. As a successful businessman, I know how important it is. It’s one of my strengths. Organization is another. I have a strong understanding of computers which gives me the ability to use programs to complete forms, research the Internet, or ask the right sources to find the answers to your questions. I believe in being fair to all parties and will respect the confidentially of the people I serve.

What changes to the operation of the office would you propose?

None! The office of the probate was created by the New Mexico state constitution. The jurisdiction and duties are defined by state statutes.