Matt Rush seeks District 63 Representative seat

Editor’s Note: The Clovis News-Journal invited candidates for the New Mexico House of Representatives District 63 seat to answer the following questions. Candidates were limited to 300-word answers.

Name: Matt Rush

Age: 34

Occupation: Farming/Ranching

Running for: House of Representatives District 63

Party affiliation: Republican.

Elected offices held: American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, Board of Directors; President, Roosevelt County Farm & Livestock Bureau; Past Chairman, Roosevelt County Republican Party.

What type of economic development suits eastern New Mexico best, and how could you as a legislator facilitate it?

Small business and agriculture are not only the backbone of eastern New Mexico’s economy they are the heart and soul of her. We must protect both. Agriculture is experiencing record high commodity prices. However, we are also experiencing triple digit increases in the cost of fuel, seeds, feed, fertilizer and supplies.

On top of that agriculture has had to deal with liberal, radical, environmental regulations and restrictions coming out of Santa Fe. For example, if you wanted to build a new dairy here in New Mexico it would cost you an additional $1.5 million in fees just to get started versus building one right across the state line.

Ask anyone who owns a business here if it is increasing difficult to survive. Ask them if Santa Fe is known for passing laws and regulations that are “business friendly.” Our state has so much red tape that the red tape is starting to blush!