KENW-TV extends annual online auction to Saturday

By Thomas Garcia PNT Staff Writer

The annual KENW-TV auction will be extended through Saturday, according to Sheryl Borden, KENW-TV director of marketing.

The online auction was scheduled to end Monday, but was extended because there were 92 items remaining, Borden said.

Through Monday, the auction raised $36,000. The goal for this year’s auction is $55,000, Borden said.

Last year, the auction raised $46,000.

People can begin to bid on the items today, Borden said. The auction ends at 9 p.m. Saturday.

“We are hoping that the bids on the remaining items will bring us closer to our goal,” Borden said.

The station’s biggest fundraiser is used toward the KENW-TV programing budget for the next fiscal year, Borden said.

It was the second year that the auction was conducted online.

“The numbers show that the online auction was a success,” Borden said. “Once the dust settles, we will know if we are going to keep the online format for next year’s auction.”

Betty Beagles is a fan of the switch to online bidding.

She won several bids during the auction, including three trips. One of the trips was to London, which she bid $3,900.

“Once I saw the trip to London, I knew I had to bid on it,” Beagles said. “Having traveled to Europe before, I know what a trip like that is worth.”

Beagles was able to keep a close eye on the items she bid on.

“I was watching the trips very closely,” Beagles said. “I’m really grateful that I won the bid. Since the trip is for two, I can share this experience with a friend.”

Beagles also won bids on two trips to Granada, which she plans to give as gifts to her family

KENW-TV Auction Facts

By The Numbers
205 — Unique bidders
2,493 — Total
171 — Winning bids

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