Scooter sales up with gas price

By Keely McDowell, Freedom New Mexico

Local retailers say interest in scooters has risen in response to escalating gas prices.

Ronnie Jones, general manager of High Desert Honda, said almost every customer who has come to purchase a scooter over the past eight months is not concerned with the price of the scooter, but inquires about gas mileage.

“All I know is eight months ago, I had a dozen or better in stock, and as I’m talking to you today I have three,” Jones said. “I usually sell about two scooters a year, and I have sold nine in the past four months.”

Local scooter owners have varying lifestyles, but are all looking to save money on gas, according to Jones.

“A local doctor purchased a scooter, and when a doctor is riding a scooter you know something is wrong with the gas prices,” Jones joked.

Dr. Richard Stamm, a Clovis podiatrist, was ahead of the trend. He said not only does the scooter he purchased two years ago save him money on gas , it allows him to stay in touch with nature.

“I get 80 miles to the gallon and I fill up about every nine days with one gallon of gas. My truck would be $90-plus worth of gas,” Stamm said. “Now you know why I’m riding a scooter. The only thing bad about riding a scooter is that it’s tough to ride in a tie.”

Scooters range in size, price and gas mileage.

Jim Hughes, owner and manager of Clovis Cycle and RV, said customers have moved their focus from larger vehicles and motorcycles to smaller scooters that get between 50 and 100 miles per gallon. After being in business for 45 years, Hughes said the market has changed dramatically because gas mileage is now top priority for customers.

“Our business has flip-flopped,” Hughes said. “We are selling a lot of the models I couldn’t sell last year.”