Living in harmony with toad frogs

Karl Terry

Suddenly the ground was moving and I jumped like I’d just stepped on a snake.

I moved the hose to redirect the stream of water I had trained on the ground around the tomato plants as a pair of eyes appeared in the soil. The toads were back.

A year or so ago I wrote a column about how much I liked the sound of singing toads. I guess the news got around because this year we’ve been overrun with the critters, despite the drier than usual conditions.

That toad has stayed in the tomato plants for several weeks now. When I water in the morning, he first sticks his head out then I turn the hose on mist and he uncovers himself for a morning shower.

I believe he thinks it’s raining. So far I haven’t convinced him to sing for me though.

When I’m home in the evening I call the play-by-play like a basketball game. When the players mess up, from my viewpoint on the sidelines, I let ‘em