Commissioners discuss lack of subdivision oversight

By Karl Terry

One Roosevelt County commissioner questioned why the county was bothering to approve subdivisions if they didn’t have authority to enforce the covenants and rules they provide.

During Tuesday’s regular meeting, Commissioner Gene Creighton told his fellow commissioners of a complaint he had received from a resident about a calf operation in the Highland subdivision, which is located near U.S. 70 west of Portales. He said the resident moved into that subdivision thinking they would be more protected from nuisance there than outside a subdivision.

According to County Manager Charlene Hardin, county staff have been unsuccessful so far in finding where, or if, the subdivision covenants had ever been filed. She said normally a homeowners association would be charged with enforcing covenants anyway.

“I think it’s kind of crazy for us to sit here and approve a plat with no authority to enforce the rules,” Creighton said. “If we don’t have some authority, I don’t see any point in approving subdivisions.”

Problems in other subdivisions were noted as well during the meeting but commissioners offered little comment on Creighton’s problem. No action was taken.

Commissioners gave consent for Hardin to proceed with a plan to remodel a portion of the Jake Lopez Community Center at the fairgrounds to provide an office space for fair staff and overflow and meeting area for Roosevelt County Extension.

Hardin said the work will cost $28,000. She said she would utilize $17,000 of the $130,000 in capital outlay money appropriated by the legislature for fairgrounds improvement, the