Public Record — July 6

The following marriages have been recorded at the Roosevelt County Clerk’s Office:

June 3

Cornelio Gomez, 27, of Portales to Elizabeth M Reese, 34, of Portales.

June 15

Joseph D. Martin, 33, of Portales to JoAnna Rose Robinson, 32, of Portales

June 18

David Zuniga Perales, 30, of Plainview, Texas, to Mary Jane Castillo, 32, of Plainview, Texas.

June 23

Steven K. Widener, 62, of Portales to Janet M. Lee Widener, 54, of Portales.

June 24

Joshua M. Marez, 20, of Portales to Jessica L Curnutt, 18, of Portales.

June 27

Sterling Utah Morris, 23, of Andrews, Texas, to Tori L. Bilberry, 20, of Elida.

June 28

Lonnie Legleiter, 30, of Portales to Jessica Collins, 27, of Portales.

Milton K. Dickenson, 49, of Portales to Amy D. Smith, 32, of Portales.

Micah P. Short, 25, of Portales to Annamaria K. Baros, 23, of Portales.

The following final divorce decrees have been filed in the Ninth Judicial District Court in Portales:

June 9

Tammy Jo Yates and Windom Gary Yates Jr.

June 12

Joaquin Hernandez and Aurora D. Rodriquez.