Reconstruction of Dora Highway set

By Thomas Garcia PNT Staff Writer

Construction on N.M. 206 between Portales and Dora is scheduled to begin in August.

The construction will last three months and have a cost of $5 million, said New Mexico Department of Transportation spokesperson Manon Arnett. The funding for the project is $4 million. Arnett said the overbid will be covered with GRIP 2 funds.

James Hamilton Construction of Silver City won the bid for the project, Arnett said.

“The timeline for the project completion by the state is the end of November but we are shooting for mid-October,” said Rambert Waid, James Hamilton Construction project supervisor.

This construction will be the second time that N.M. 206 has been worked on in two years.

“The project will replace a 14-mile stretch of N.M. 206, which had been previously replaced in 2006,” Arnett said.

“The previous work on the highway failed for several reasons,” said NMDOT District 2 engineer Bob Kurtz.

A new process was tried on the highway, in which oil was added to the milled surface of the roadway and re-laid as the surface, Kurtz said.

“One possible reason for the failure is that the materials did not bond because of the change in temperature,” Kurtz said. “The project started in the fall of 2006 and the changing temperatures could have affected the materials used.”

A different process will be used, which will result in a new surface for the highway. This process includes the milling, blending and compacting of 14 inches of material. The material will include the surface and base course which will be compacted to form the new base course. A new 3-inch surface of hot mix will be laid down as the surface, Kurtz said.

“This process has been used before on N.M. 132 outside of Hobbs and is planned to be used on N.M. 209 north of Clovis,”
Kurtz said.