Burglaries increase in past week

PNT Staff Report

Portales police officials are advising the public to report suspicious activity after a recent increase of burglary and larceny in Portales.

Over the past six days, police have received 19 calls involving larceny and burglary, said Portales Police Capt. Lonnie Berry said.

Half of the calls were vehicle burglaries; the other half were burglaries of residences and business, Berry said.

“The burglaries have occurred at different times in the evening and night,” Berry said.

Police officials are working on statistics to determine what is being stolen and when, and if there is a pattern to the burglaries, Berry said.

He said that while the police department is doing all it can to solve and prevent these crimes, public participation is greatly needed.

“We encourage people to report and suspicious activity in their neighborhood,” Berry said. “This would include reporting someone that they might not normally see in their neighborhood.”

“Many of the vehicles had been left unlocked and items left inside or in the back of the vehicles,” Berry said.

People can take some simple steps to decrease the chances of a burglary. Those steps include remembering to lock the doors of vehicles and removing unsecured items from the vehicles, Berry said.

“Tools left in the back of pickups or purses and wallets inside a car are prime targets for thieves,” Berry said.

There will be increased patrols in areas with high volumes of reported calls. Car and bike patrols will be used to try and catch the people committing these crimes, Berry said.