Curry County escapee nabbed

By Sharna Johnson, Freedom New Mexico

A Curry County inmate who broke the cardinal rule of crossing the street — look both ways before crossing — is back in jail Tuesday after a short-lived escape.

Angelica Madrid, 33, was being chased by detention center officers when she was knocked down by a passing vehicle as she darted across Main Street, according to Warden Leslie Johnson.

She escaped from the Curry County Detention Center shortly after noon by hiding behind a food cart, Johnson said.

A fugitive from Arizona in the county jail since Sunday, Madrid was free for about 30 seconds, Johnson said.

Around 12:14 p.m. Angelica Madrid squatted down and walked beside a cart full of food trays as a detention officer exited the women’s facility, Johnson said.

“She just slipped out. She was ‘duck walking’ behind the food cart,” she said.

When the officer opened an outside door, the woman bolted,