Making unsual cupcakes on show

By Sheryl Borden: Local columnist

Information on preserving plant materials and making buttonholes will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at noon on Tuesday and at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Janice Urie, Frontier Flowers in Lakin, Kans., will show a vast array of designs that preserved plant materials can be used for. She’ll also discuss the advantages of using them in homes and offices since they don’t shatter, the colors are retained, and they’re more pliable like fresh flowers.

Bobbie Carr, sewing expert and author, will demonstrate how to make buttonholes, including two very unusual, and very elegant ones. Her business is called The Fabric Carr in San Jose, Calif.

Information on making cupcakes, decorating Victorian Sugar Shade lamps and doing non-traditional sashiko will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday and at noon on Thursday.

Nancy Siler is vice president of consumer affairs with Wilton Enterprises in Woodridge, Ill., and she will demonstrate making unusual cupcakes, including square gift cupcakes, mini cupcakes and “inchworm” cupcakes, which will delight the young and the young-at-heart.

Mary Maxwell is an artist, designer and owner of Heart Enterprise in Roseville, Calif. She will demonstrate the art of making Victorian Sugar Shades, which feature water transfer decals and glass sugar beads. She’ll also show some finished items featuring this technique.

Dorothy Brown, owner of the International Fabric Collection, explains that traditional sashiko is done in blue and white, and she’ll demonstrate how to make non-traditional sashiko designs, including wall hangings and pillows that feature beads, embroidery floss, and other embellishments. She lives in Fairview, Pa.

Craving Chocolate Cupcakes
• Standard muffin pan
• Chocolate icing
• Tip 1M
• Gold Foil standard baking cups
• Chocolate wafers
• Large chocolate chips
• Bake and cool cupcakes in baking cups. Prepare the chocolate butter cream recipe. Cover cupcake tops with tip 1M swirl. Insert chocolate wafers and chocolate chips.

Monster Cupcakes
• Standard muffin pan
• Pastel baking cups
• Tips 3 and 18
• Scissors
• Black shoestring licorice
• White and red gumballs
• Royal blue, orange, violet, lemon yellow, kelly, and black icing colors
Bake and cool cupcakes in baking cups. Prepare the butter cream recipe. Tint portions blue, orange, violet, green, yellow and black using icing colors. Decorate cupcake tops with tip 18 pull-out star fur in blue, orange, violet, green and yellow. Position white gumball eyes and red gumball nose. Decorate tip 3 dot pupils on eyes in black. Cut licorice to 3 inches and insert in cupcake tops for antennae.

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