Clovis city commissioners approve raises

Freedom New Mexico

Clovis city commissioners voted unanimously Friday morning to approve a pay raise for employees during a special meeting to approve the final budget for fiscal year ending June 2009.

The commission also approved a $59.7 million budget.

The pay raise, which is an adjustment to the budget, will amount to between 3 and 4 percent for a majority of employees and will take effect Sunday, according to meeting minutes.

The $440,000 allocated for the pay raises, which counts for a 3 percent increase in the overall budget, will be split in half, granting an equally distributed cost of living increase and the other half designated for performance-based raises.

The performance raises will be granted based on individual employee’s March performance evaluations, City Manager Joe Thomas told commissioners.

City Finance Director Don Clifton told the commission the city expects a little more than $2.8 million to come into the general fund next year.