Marriages Aug. 3, 2008

The following marriages have been recorded at the Roosevelt County Clerk’s Office:

July 2
Angel Bustamante, 42, of Portales to Araceli Rodriquez, 37 of Portales.

July 5
Michael Nichols, 22, of Portales to Hayley Ormezzani, 22, of Portales.
Anthony Lambert, 25, of Portales to Jessica L. Abarca, 30, of Portales.

July 8
David Paul O’Neal, 20, of Portales to Lisa Marie Pharis, 28, of Portales.

July 15
Darrin Andrew Stroik, 21, of Portales to Amy Jo Flen, 20, of Portales.

July 16
Christopher K. Phillips, 31, of Portales to Rosa I. Phillips, 31, of Portales.

July 17
Ordie S. Briney, 46, of Hermleight, Texas, to Verna G. Widener, 44, of Portales.

July 18
Steven Lee Nelson, 59, of Portales to Glenda Rose Littlefield, 63, of Portales.

July 19
Benjamin Hernandez, 29, of Irving, Texas to Alisha A, Quiroga, 29, of Dallas, Texas.
Kerry Allen, Osburn, 25, of Elida to D’Shawn Ann Pettigrew, 21, of Portales.

July 21
Brandon Lee Zopfi, 19,