Dawg Days events give ENMU freshmen a college sneak peak

By Mickey Winfield, Freedom New Mexico

The middle part of August is commonly referred to as the ‘dog days’ of summer. But at Eastern New Mexico University, it’s simply known as Dawg Days.

Dawg Days is a new student orientation held every August before the fall semester classes begin, and it’s purpose is to help orient the newbies to the University and to help make friends in a new place.

“I’m looking forward to it,” incoming freshman Brian Meeks from Farwell, Texas said. “I think it’ll be fun. I came to college to have fun.”

Sam Michnovicz, a senior at ENMU majoring in finance and accounting, is a Dawg Days councilor for this year’s program, and says the orientation is necessary for new students.

“It can be intimidating to be away from home,” Michnovicz said. “You don’t know anybody — it’s a different world. A lot of freshman get the notion that college is very hard. The whole point of Dawg Days is to show them that it’s not so intimidating.”

“It does kind of intimidate you a little bit,” Meeks said. “We’re going out into the real world.”

Jaye Hollinger, a resident assistant at Eddy Hall, said that she was an RA at a freshman dorm last year, and overheard positive things about the program.

“I heard a lot of them say that they met a lot of friends,” Hollinger said. “It kind of forces them to get to know new people and it helps them find the buildings.”
Hollinger also says she didn’t take full advantage of Dawg Days when she was new to the school.

“I went to a couple of events,” Hollinger said. “I didn’t go to all of them, but I think I missed out on a lot.”

The program began Saturday as students began moving into their dorm rooms on campus, followed by a barbecue, fair, pep rally and fireworks.

Sunday’s events consist of an ice cream social, a show by comedian Roy Wood, a live band and a movie on the lawn between Lincoln and Bernalillo Halls.

More entertainment and activities are planned for Monday and Tuesday, before classes begin on Wednesday.

“I’ll just go and check out (the events),” Meeks said. “I’ll see what I can do and see what kind of people I can meet.”