Arenacross’ aerial antics finish fair

Once again, Cycle City Promotions has brought the high-flying sport of arenacross and freestyle motocross to the Roosevelt County Fairgrounds.

Hundreds of riders and racers from around the region participated in the race heats Saturday afternoon, and the race finals Saturday night.
One of the most important aspects of arenacross and motocross — it’s not just for boys.

Little Kiaunah Martinez is just 8 years old, from Lamesa, Texas, and she’s been riding quad-minis for about six months.

“It’s fun and it’s also kind of challenging. You get kind of nervous sometimes, and you think of quitting,” Kiaunah said. “So it does get kind of scary.”

Her first win came in a heat race a couple of weeks ago.

“It was my first win, so it was pretty cool,” Kiaunah said.

The little girl also said you need to be tough to compete in this sport.

“I have hurt my thumb and my hand before when I hit real hard, but it got better and it doesn’t hurt any more,” Kiaunah said. I think it’s pretty cool because you don’t know who’s going to win, and it’s real fun.”

Seventeen-year-old Travis Randall from Portales has been involved in the sport for about three years and said it was tough going in Saturday’s early heats.

“I had a couple of wrecks, it slowed me down a little bit,” Randall said.

Randall broke both of his wrists in a nasty crash two years ago.

“I just kept going,” Randall said. “The adrenaline is awesome. Once you get out there, someone else takes over and you just haul butt.”