Escape details revealed

By Sharna Johnson, Freedom New Mexico

Sunday’s escape from the Curry County jail took about seven hours to complete, was a collaborative effort between inmates in two pods and required access to a door that’s supposed to be locked.

Law officers provided the details on Wednesday afternoon and also released surveillance video that appears to show four inmates attempting to shield three inmates who disappear into an opening behind them.

Officials earlier this week said all eight of the inmates who escaped from the jail on Sunday night came from the same jail pod. But on Wednesday afternoon they said three escapees were from one pod and five were from an adjacent pod.

State Police Capt. Jimmy Glascock said the inmates climbed pipes inside a common wall shared by the pods.

Raynaldo Jeremy Enriquez, an inmate captured Monday night in Lubbock, took credit for creating a hole in the roof through which the inmates escaped, Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray said.

In surveillance footage furnished to media by District Attorney Matt Chandler, three inmates from Pod 2 can be seen on an upper balcony entering a small door to the plumbing chute.

As the three — Edward Salas, Enriquez and Louis Chavez — slip one at a time into the opening, four other inmates took turns attempting to block view of their exit. Two stood together with one stretching his arms out in a feigned yawn, another holding a large blanket behind him like a cape.