TB testing expected for state’s cattle

By Chelle Delaney, Freedom Newspapers

By Chelle Delaney

Quay County Sun

Mandatory bovine tuberculosis testing is expected to be extended to the whole state starting next week, according to the state veterinarian and officials of the New Mexico Livestock Board.

New Mexico is expected to be added to a list of states that have been declared “modified accredited advanced” by the USDA because of an animal that was infected with bovine TB in Curry County earlier this year.

The downgraded status means producers will have to test all dairy and certain beef cattle within 60 days of shipping the livestock across the state line, said State Veterinarian Dave Fly.

Other federal guidelines and regulations concerning the modified accredited advanced status must also be followed.

Guidelines from USDA are expected to be published in the federal register early next week, officials said.