It’s Their Job: Danielle Swopes

PNT Correspondent Blake Downs

Name: Danielle Swopes

Job: Assistant librarian at the Portales Public Library

Background: Swopes worked as a library aide at the library for two years while in high school. She earned a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design from Eastern New Mexico University.

Time on the job: Seven years

What does your job entail? I am responsible for helping devise the budget, taking care of collections, cataloguing all the new material and making sure the database is clean. I do a little adult programming and teambuilding for the library staff as well.

What is a typical day on the job like for you? I come in and almost immediately start cataloguing. Sometimes, I will check my e-mail first. After lunch, I work at the front desk; all employees share time at the front desk. After that, I just stay in my office and do whatever is needed.

Why did you choose this job? I enjoyed my experience in high school as a library aid. Because of it, I received a library scholarship, which helped pay for some of the bills. I also knew Sandy White, who ran the library at the time. It is a good work atmosphere.

What type of training, if any, do you need for your job? You need to have college experience. For our size library, one needs to be certified and have a certificate. Larger libraries require a master’s degree in library science.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I love my coworkers; they are great people. I like the patrons; it’s a great community. It’s a beautiful library. I enjoy meeting the needs of the community.