It’s Their Job: Halee Goff

PNT Correspondent Blake Downs

It’s their job: Halee Goff

Job: Designer at Butterfly Floral Gifts

Background: Goff graduated last May from ENMU with a degree in religion and psychology.
Time on job: Seven months

What does your job entail? I put the arrangements together after the orders are placed. I also do a little bit of everything, including taking orders and delivering products, but my main job is to design arrangements.

What is a typical day like for you? I spend much of my day taking customer orders and making arrangements. We usually start the day with a long list of orders and go down the list until it is complete. We then try to put the rest in the cooler and keep it full for walk-in customers.

Why did you choose this job? The only way I can describe it is that God led me to it. I needed a job and knew the owner real well. It started out as a part time occupation, then turned into something I really enjoyed, so I now work full-time.

What kind of training, if any, is needed for this job? My training was on-the-job, but there are also shows and conferences one can attend that teach how and what needs to be done at floral businesses.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I really enjoy seeing people’s reactions when they receive their flowers. It is great to make someone’s day a little better.