Local Briefs Oct. 3

Schools adopting textbooks

Portales Municipal Schools are in the process of adopting instructional materials in the area of grades 9-12 language arts/reading and 9-12 modern and classical languages to be used during the 2009-2010 school year.

Samples of those materials, as selected from the list provided by the Instructional Materials Division at the Public Education Department, will be displayed at the Central Administration Office Zia Room, 501 S. Abilene Ave.

Parents, students and residents are invited to view the materials.

The adoption committee will make a recommendation to the local superintendent of schools, who in turn will recommend to the local board of education.

Accident update

Kyle Parrish, 25, of Portales, who was injured in a one-vehicle rollover Tuesday morning, remains hospitalized in the surgical intensive care unit at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock.

Jimmy Parrish said Kyle had a fractured skull but the swelling had gone down. Doctors also inserted a metal rod in a broken leg.

“He remembers everything,” said Jimmy Parrish.

Kyle’s grandmother, Gay Strong, said doctors are still doing X-rays and tests, but he is in stable condition.

“We’re very encouraged,” Strong said.

Kyle Parrish lost control of the 2001 Ford Ranger while driving on Roosevelt Road 8 southeast of Portales, according to police. The vehicle flipped over several times.