Christian comedy singer performing

Freedom New Mexico

Greg Strange, a Christian comedian and songwriter, will perform today at First Christian Church.

During his current two-week tour, Strange has performed in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and in Colorado.

Strange, who calls himself a Christian version of “Weird” Al
Yankovic, began touring as Mr. Strange 17 years ago. Prior to that,
Strange was a member of a band and wrote silly songs.

“My friends kinda liked them and it just took off from there,” Strange said in phone interview from Santa Fe.

Strange has toured 47 states, only missing North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii.

“When I get those states, I can retire,” Strange joked. “I guess you
could call me an encourager. I want to point people to Jesus.”

Strange performs with a Bible, an acoustic guitar and an arsenal of funny songs.

“I hope to put a smile on peoples faces, remind them that God is in control and that the Bible is still good,”