Readers weigh in on coming elections

Obama campaign damaging to America

I am a proud American. I believe in God, family and country. Our country was founded on these principles and provided us with freedom and the liberty to choose the path we desire to follow.

Here in our area we have wonderful people who love and care for each other and share many conservative views and values regardless of the political party with which they are affiliated.

This election has me deeply concerned about possibly losing these freedoms. We are in a quandary about who may be the right candidate for the presidency.

The news media, Hollywood, the secular progressives and those politicians hungry for power have already decided they want a totalitarian government, which would rule and dominate the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government. They would have absolute control of our lives with no one to counter their decisions.

Many share the blame in the economic breakdown and there are those who blame the present administration, but fail to recognize that some liberal leaders refused to have more oversight over controlling loans made in housing. These same politicians pressured banks to make these loans.

We are a product of our upbringing and some feel a deep loyalty to the party espoused by their parents. But through the years these parties are not the party they were in our parents’ day.

The Obama campaign is like a tornado sweeping through the country. We will not see the damage until it has passed. What will happen then? The senator has many questionable ties to radical persons and groups suck as ACORN.

Please cast your vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Joann Blakey


McCain will get U.S. back on its feet

As we come into the final week before what may well be the most critical election for this century, there must be one and only one criterion of choice: the voting record. And on this, the choice is clear.

If you want a government that will be ultra-Leftist and dedicate to big statist government and globalist appeasement then you must vote for Obama and Biden. But if you want to see our Judeo-Christian, Democratic Republic continue as a sovereign state of the people, by the people, for the people of this country, then you must vote for McCain and Palin.


And no, voting for McCain and Palin will not make everything hunky dory and peachy keeno, but it will give our Judeo-Christian, Democratic Republic a chance to get back