Fourth-grader’s design to be featured as hospital Christmas card

By Mickey Winfield: PNT staff writer

In September, 10-year-old Treyton Neece drew a picture of the Roosevelt General Hospital. This holiday season, the picture he drew may show up in your mailbox in the form of a Christmas card from the hospital.

In an effort to familiarize Portales children with the building, hospital administrators asked Portales fourth-graders to draw their impression of what they think of the hospital.

“Most kids are afraid (of the hospital),” Roosevelt General Hospital administrator and CEO James D’Agostino said. “The hospital has never had a Christmas card, and we’ve been open now for seven years.”

Administrators looked at all of the eligible entries, and after going through several rounds of judging, Treyton’s picture was chosen.

“First of all, he had the American flag flying — and I thought that was great,” D’Agostino said. “He had the helicopter and the ambulance right in front of the hospital. It’s an outstanding, outstanding picture.”

Treyton said it took him about two days to finish his work of art

“I just wanted to draw something,” Treyton said. “Usually I see the helicopter going to the hospital, and I also wanted to draw the American flag.”

Neece was also honored by the hospital at an assembly at his school on Wednesday.

“It makes me feel pretty good,” Treyton said.

“I’m very proud,” Treyton’s mom Sheresa said. “I was very impressed with his picture, and I was surprised when I saw it.”

D’Agostino also said hospital administrators would like to frame many of the drawings and post them prominently in the building.

“We wanted to get the kids thinking positively about the hospital,” D’Agostino said. “And who knows, maybe some of them will become doctors.”

D’Agostino said this is something that the hospital would like to make an annual contest.

“We want to make this a tradition,” D’Agostino said.