It’s Their Job: Joel Sievers

PNT Correspondent Blake Downs

Name: Joel Sievers

Job: Sports medicine physician

Background: Sievers attended college in Nebraska and went to medical school at Texas Tech University.

Time on job: Six and one-half years

What does your job entail? We evaluate and treat patients with traumatic and overuse physical injures, although we still do a little primary care. I see a lot of people and different faces, and then see them as they progress and heal.

What is a typical day like for you? I come in around 7:45 every morning and then usually have 20 to 25 patients throughout the day. It is typically a different mix of follow-ups and new consultations. Everyone gets evaluated whether they are new or a regular patients. I complete X-rays and casts for specific braces, among other things. In my check-ups, I usually evaluate what the patient can do and, if they are an athlete or physical worker, how ready they are to be able to get back to what they do. I also communicate with their coach or family member to give them updates. It is a type of functional planning.

Why did you choose this job? I was an athlete myself, and this was a way to stay involved with athletes and to help people. It can be challenging as it seems that about any problem can walk in the door. It is interesting to figure out how to decipher the problem.

What type of training is needed for this job? One would need four years of undergraduate college and then four more years of medical school. Three years of residency and one year of sports medicine training is also needed.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I really enjoy seeing patients get back to their healthy level of activity.