Superintendent’s contract approved by school board

By Mickey Winfield: PNT staff writer

Portales schools will have continuity of leadership for at least the next four school years.

The Portales board of education voted Monday to extend superintendent Randy Fowler’s contract through July of 2012.

Fowler currently makes about $114,000 a year. Any raise during the next four years would have to be approved by the state legislature.

“I’m working for as long as (the board) wants me to work, that’s who I’ll work for,” Fowler said. “They may change their mind and that would be fine too, but at this point, I’m pleased that they think things are going well.”

Fowler has been superintendent of Portales schools four years, bringing his total time working for the district to nearly 23 years.

“(He’s had a major impact) in every area,” Portales Municipal school board member Mary Lou Rowley said. “In our curriculum and our support and staff development.”

“It’s always nice to know that your contract has been renewed,” Fowler said.

Fowler has overseen several reconstruction projects in the school district in recent years. But one achievement that the superintendent is proud of being a part of is the current construction of the new Lindsay-Steiner Elementary school.

“The fact that we are building a new elementary school to replace two older schools should be a more modern learning environment for our children and it will be much more energy efficient.”

The work Fowler has overseen isn’t lost on his peers.

“He does so many things that turn out to be good PR (public relations) for the schools. He doesn’t do them just because it’s PR, he does it because he loves the community,” Rowley said. “He’s fair and he has a lot of character and integrity that you just can’t find any fault in him. I can’t find any fault in him.”

Fowler also talked about his number one priority for the next several years of his stewardship of the Portales school system.

“Our schools are in very good shape. We’re currently trying to get all of our schools in the best condition they can be in,” Fowler said. “Our goals are always to provide the tools for our students to be successful. We feel like we’re continuing to make progress in that area.”