Business feature: Carpet cleaning, pest control combined into one business

By Clarence Plank: PNT Staff Writer

After five years in business, All American Carpet and Pest Control is looking to extend services to the growing city of Portales.

Local resident Ryan Hightower is the owner of the carpet and pest control business.

“The carpet cleaning business was a company that I bought,” Hightower said. “Then I had worked previously with a pest control company. I incorporated the two services together.”

Hightower and friend started the carpet cleaning business together after purchasing the business from a man is Clovis.

“The carpet cleaning business, I thought it was something to do to earn a little money … with a our first child on the way,” Hightower said. “The business was mine and another friend’s idea, and at the same time I was working with the pest control business”

His friend moved away, leaving him with the business, while he was attending Eastern New Mexico University.

“I’ve had several family members involved as the years have gone by,” Hightower said. “Some out of high school and into college and different high school kids who needed a job.”

Some of his family members who have helped him have gone on to get their certifications to start their own business.

“At the time I was attending college,” Hightower said. “We were about to have our first child, and I felt like I wanted to go through with the business. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from the university.”

Combining businesses, Hightower feels that this is the best possible solution to be able to serve the public.

The company provides certified carpet and upholstery cleaning, pest and rodent control, and they are licensed to use insecticides to spray for fleas and ticks in yards.

Hightower says that they can do a couple of rooms in 45 minutes and probably clean a average-size house in an hour and a half to two hours.