Jan. 25, 2009 Portales Junior High News

Spanish bee
Ruben Tellez invites parents to the Spanish Spelling Bee Thursday at 10:15 a.m. at Portales Junior High.

Basketball ends
Monday finds the girls seventh- grade “A” team and the eighth-grade “B” teams in playing Marshall in Clovis. Marshall boys seventh-grade “A” team and the eighth-grade “B” teams come to Portales to face their Ram counterparts.
Three tournaments complete the season Friday and Saturday. Portales Junior High hosts the area girls and boys seventh-grade teams. Both of the girls eighth-grade teams head to the Friendship Tournament at Yucca in Clovis. The boys’ eighth-grade teams head to Texico for their tournament.

Principal Steve Harris reminds students and parents that tutoring is offered before school and after school Mondays through Thursdays.

Assistant Principal Glenda Meeks reminds students that they must bring their laptops every day or turn them in. The school is incorporating technology into almost every class, and the students need their laptops to participate.