Enacting global mandates hurts U.S. economy

Freedom New Mexico

A new poll found that people rank global warming dead last, 20th out of 20, among their top concerns.

The economy was No. 1, while other economic-related issues unsurprisingly gravitated to the top.

The survey conducted Jan. 7-11 asked 1,503 adults on cell phones and landlines to rank 20 issues by importance, including strengthening the economy, improving the job situation, defending against terrorism, Social Security, health care, energy, environment, budget deficits, health insurance, dealing with moral breakdown and crime and reducing lobbyists’ influence, among others.

The New York Times noted that the nonpartisan Pew Research Center poll is “somewhat at odds with President Obama, who has put a high priority on staving off global warming and vowed … to ‘roll back the specter of a warming planet.’”

Regular folks seem far more concerned with rolling back bad economic conditions.

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang blog asks, “are scientists overselling climate models” that predict global warming catastrophe. What’s certain is that substantive global warming “solutions” come at a huge cost to commerce and taxpayers — while diverting limited resources to fight what could be an overplayed threat.

The government’s questionable economic stimulus efforts won’t be felt for months at best, and the Congressional Budget Office admits in many cases may not show up for two years.

But adverse economic effects of Draconian global warming mandates will be felt almost immediately.

President Obama would be prudent to heed the public’s opinion about a global condition that has yet to prove itself threatening, let alone catastrophic.