Business feature: Man finds creative outlet through work

By Clarence Plank: PNT Staff Writer

Take a look around, and you may see Seth Pritchett’s creativity and fine arts degree at work. Pritchett owns Bobo Signs.

Moving on up: Pritchett bought Bobo Signs from Gaylon Bobo this January. He was employed with Bobo for three years while he was going to school at Eastern New Mexico University.

Bobo started making signs in 1995, transforming the old icehouse into a shop.

Wearing lots of hats: Pritchett said he does everything from customer relations to designing signs.

Pritchett also makes the work orders for his employees to build, deliver and install signs. He said his company does anything from billboards to 1-inch decals.

“Today I am spending most of my time on the computer designing signs for C&S. We’ll be replacing all of their old signs,” Pritchett said earlier this month.

Putting his degree to work: Pritchett chose this company because it was already established by Bobo. Pritchett said the company has a good reputation and location, and it is a great security for his family.

“It allows me to design and create; this is what I went to school for,” Pritchett said.

Skill set: A person needs a wide variety of skills, such as bending and cutting metal, drawing, hand lettering, Pritchett said. Someone in the business must also be familiar with certain tools of the trade, including a skill saw, jigsaw and hot knife.

“You need to be able to envision designs for the customers and be able to translate what they explain to you,” Pritchett said.

What: Bobo Signs

Location: 208 N. Ave. A

Phone: 356-4586