It’s their job: Dusti Price

Name: Dusti Price

Job: Certified nursing assistant at Heartland Continuing Care Center

Background: Price was raised in Clovis and received her certification at Clovis Community College.

Time on job: Six months

What does your job entail? We take care of the everyday living needs of the elderly.

What is a typical day like for you? We start the day by waking residents and helping them clean. Then we feed them and help clean their rooms, after which we feed them lunch. In the afternoons, we have daily activities for the residents. We have an excellent activities program here. It keeps them occupied.

Why did you choose this job? For me, it is like a family away from home. I do not really view it as a job. It is something you have to enjoy to do. If you are not into it, you should not be here. Some who do not have families to take care of them need a lot of love. Some of these people made the trail to get to this area. This is their home and they should be treated as kings and queens.

What type of training does one need for this job? You have to take a class and pass it and then get out and orientate on the job. During that, you have to get state certified with a written or skills test. If passed, this certification will be valid for two years. You have to keep taking classes to stay up with the service.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy working with the residents, getting to visit with them, know them and listen to their stories. I also love working with the staff. Everyone is family-oriented here.

— Compiled by PNT correspondent Blake Downs