Business feature: Mechanic stands by his work

Clarence Plank: PNT staff writer

Doug Frank has been a mechanic in Portales for a while and is someone who stands by his work.

Frank says he works very hard to do a good job because this is how he advertises, by word of mouth. The local high school and college coaches recommend Frank to their players because he is a reliable mechanic.

How he got started: He started at Sterling Township High School in Illinois through a training program to be a mechanic in 1962. Frank said it seemed interesting, so “I started the training program going to school half a day and working the other half.” Frank had two years of training in high school and four years of service in the Marines. Frank served in Vietnam and moved to Portales after visiting a friend who lived out here.

What it takes to do the job: Some college and technical schools offer training as a mechanic but mechanics need to have experience working on vehicles. Frank does general repairs on cars or pick ups, such as transmissions, replacing engines and tune ups. Frank said it takes a lot of hands on experience and training in order to do the job. He said anyone he hired would have to have worked with a reputable shop. Frank said he can’t remember the last time someone had to bring a car back to him for something he did.

Being a mechanic means: Frank said being a mechanic is a wide open field because to him it seems like no one wants to do it. He has been looking for help, but is unable to find people who can stand by their word on fixing a vehicle the first time and doing it right. Frank often gives advice, answering questions about a vehicle or even recommending someone else if he’s not able to perform the task. Frank feels his reputation is on the line.

Fast facts:

What: Doug’s Garage

Where: 228 S. Avenue C.

Contact: 356-4428